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Heiko Laux – Re-Televised Re:Vision


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Moving to Europe circa 1998, techno was a 10-year established phenomenon, and Heiko Laux and his storied Kanzleramt label were at the height of a continent- wide movement that shows no signs of abating. Innovation was everywhere, whether in the dark vaults of Tresor where homage was paid to the Motown roots, and in many other forms that still speak to this day. Laux’s hard-edged industrial anthem Re-Televised is a sound very much of its time, but it is also one whose relevance to the present stands without question. Thus, in finding talent to take on this Re:Vision, we looked to the most futuristic contemporary producers to bring fresh angles that connect with the source material as well as today’s most current sounds. Lucy, Donor, and Truss occupy a broad geographical slice of today’s techno, but in the last few years they have distinguished themselves as the least compromising and most forward-thinking of their generation. Our Re:Vision of Heiko Laux’s Re-Televised reaffirms the original’s forward-looking intent while emboldening the next step in techno’s history.

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12", Vinyl