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Creeds – Push Up EP


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Nantes-based Willy Taconné is Creeds, a producer having an absolute blast operating in the crossover between psy-trance and hard dance. Rave Alert are the latest label to carry his work, and those craving the nastiest slammers for their bosh-off are going to be very pleased indeed. First up, ‘Push Up’ bursts with playful inventiveness, chopping between ear-snagging hi-jinks from acid licks to disco cuts, plenty of hyphy trance synths and loads more besides. ‘Slap The Bassline’ is a much dirtier affair with an absolute juggernaut of an acid bassline which will absolutely level the place. ‘Stolen Memories’ has a hard trance leaning, teasing the tension between peaks and troughs for everyone to lose their marbles good and proper, leaving it to ‘Get Your Mom Down’ to clean up the mess with some arch anthem material to trigger the ravers of yesteryear.





12", EP, Vinyl


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