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Groove Park – Hit The Bang / Carrousel

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Our first vinyl release of 2023 sees two classic tracks from Groove Park take centre stage. Hit The Bang and Carrousel first came to the fore in 1995 as separate releases and, after a few solid remixes, our Bonzai Classics imprint resurrected both tracks along with top-notch remixes in 2002. 21 years later we bring to you the original versions of both tracks on glorious 12” vinyl. André Strässer and Sharam Jey aka Sharam Nickjey Khososi make up the dynamic duo that is Groove Park. They were also the brains behind massive projects such as 16C+, Three n One and Johnny Shaker to name just a few. The tracks found a unique place in clubland, having a diverse structure that spanned genres flawlessly.





12", Blue, Remastered, Vinyl


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