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Konstruktivists – Glennascaul


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The idea was to have Chris Carter's name on the front, to attract time- travelling X-Files fans. But the Chris Carter credit mysteriously disappeared after I sent the artwork to Red Rhino. Could it be a conspiracy? "Glenn is one of the great survivors of the industrial scene, I enjoyed most of his Konstruktivits work, though I don't think it ever really "caught on". He was once a member of the shock-rock band Whitehouse. Rumour has it that he also became a born -again Christian, which pissed off his pagan pals worse than anything. Is religious fundamentalism the curse of Sterile Records?". Note: Chris Carter is in fact the Chris Carter of Throbbing Gristle and Chris and Cosey fame. "Konstruktivits" is nowadays spelled "Konstruktivists". Glennascaul was released on Sterile Records (SR 10) in 1985

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2 x Vinyl, Album, LP, Reissue


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