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Enrico Sangiuliano & Charlotte De Witte – Reflection

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Continuing his exploration into the world of sound design, one of dance music’s most respected contemporary producers, Enrico Sangiuliano, announces the next conceptual study in NINETOZERO’s transient reality. The forthcoming opus welcomes the irrefutable talents of Charlotte de Witte, marking the pair’s second collaboration to date and the third release in the label’s countdown. The 3-track “Reflection” EP is available to pre-order now and will be live across all streaming platforms on March 17th.

A luminary of musical storytelling, Enrico’s NINETOZERO saga has seen the Emilia native explore the affinity between sound, time and space, all while presenting an alternative perspective on his palette as a producer. Now illustrating their understanding of ‘Reflection’ within noise and composition, Enrico and Charlotte analyse the rebounding of sound waves between different mediums. Tethered to their roots within the Techno community, the title track and its format present as DJ-oriented, marrying de Witte’s stripped-down sensibilities with Enrico’s flair for rapturous apex moments. A euphonious translation of the notion of ‘Reflection’, the refined techno cut has enjoyed heavy circulation across the underground scape and will no doubt follow in the footsteps of the pair’s ‘The Age Of Love’ remix – which subsequently rounded out the year as 2021’s Best Techno track.






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