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12", Vinyl


‘Evolution’, made in collaboration with Cosmic Boys, opens the release, featuring UMEK’s trademark groove with pulsating synths and rolling percussion. Drawing you in with alluring vocals and hints of euphoria, it’s the perfect blend of dark and light as the shadowy atmosphere is both dark and intense.

‘Vigilance’ starts out with the thump of a hard hitting kick drum shrouded by bursts of atmospheric textures. Slowly emerging is the plucked lead synth to lift the
mood, whilst in the breakdown the bassline lurches forward to provide stomach churning tension. Reaching its peak just before the percussion slams back in, it unleashes the full fury of an immense drop.

‘Predator’ is a high-paced monster that prowls the dance floor looking for fresh meat. With a throbbing bass line and stabbing lead synth, it builds towards the suspense of the main breakdown before unleashing the full force of its ferocity.