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Spray – VT Trad


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After launching his own label, Spray, to reissue hallucinatory, progressive dancefloor music from the 1990s, Tiarnam McCorrow decided to teach himself to produce and now releases similarly inlined music using the alias. His first outing on Kalahari Oyster Cult, which follows a well-received 12″ on Craigie Knowes, does a good job in showcasing his mid-90s-inspired sound. Title track ‘VT Trad’ sees him pepper a squelchy, progressive trance style bassline with psychedelic electronics, glassy-eyed spoken word snippets and intergalactic chords, while ‘Q3projz’ is a TB-303-sporting tribute to formative German trance tracks from the early ’90s. Elsewhere, ‘Zippychrer’ sees him pay tribute to Jaydee in fine fashion, and ‘Slipped’ is a trippy, sub-heavy stomp tailor made for dark basements and sweat-soaked warehouses.





12", EP, Vinyl


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