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Rene Wise – Lucky Number 7

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British tour de force Rene Wise is an exciting talent synonymous with hair-raising and hard-nosed Techno. A name that’s been confidently claiming its stake in common lexicon with a passion for polyrhythms, forward-looking frequencies and kaleidoscopic beats. It’s the mind-expanding potential of his favourite genre that forms the basis of his new vinyl release on Bassiani Records.

Drawing on personal experiences of the psychedelic sort, he also cites the role of atmosphere and spatial configuration in the making of his sound, in his own words: ‘the space that the music is presented in, is hugely important and there are some very unique and special spaces in the world that capture the true essence of how techno music should be experienced.

Bassiani is one of these places.’ Well that praise goes both ways, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting EP for the club. This four track release is both an homage to the Bassiani floor and a powerful dive into a trippy realm of Techno Wise has spent his years as a musician diligently exploring. A third eye journey across oscillating soundscapes and sonic horizons from the trailblazing techno wunderkind.





12", Vinyl


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