Mike Huckaby - Baseline 87'
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Mike Huckaby - Baseline 87'

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Detroit captain, Mike Huckaby serves the sought-after 'Baseline '87' and 'Muzik For The Dancefloor' cuts on his S Y N T H label following Sushitech's long sold-out 2011 pressing. 

'Baseline '87' twysts out on the A-side with patented, effortless finesse working minimal elements to an optimal groove. 

B-side, with 'Muzik For The Dancefloor' he fillets discoid Detroit chords on a roving bassline and scissoring drums leading to a warm and woozy Rhodes denouement that'll leave the 'floor purring for more.

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      de  de
    • Date
      Aug 17, 2020
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      Vinyl, 12"
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      Mike Huckaby
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