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  • With 2018 marking a quarter of a century for Positiva being at the  summit of the dance industry, the label have enlisted the work of both  Paul Morrell, and Latroit, to sprinkle modern magic on the timeless  record.British producer and XXL resident DJ Paul Morrell laces his own mix with  euphoric, high-tempo chords and a floorfilling breakdown, a stark  contrast to the deeper, gritty interpretation offered by 2018 Grammy  Award winning American producer and composer, Latroit, who added:

    'As The Rush Comes' was obviously one of the stand-out tracks of the  decade, and it was amazing to get my hands on that vocal. I've also  known Dave Dresden (one third of Motorcycle) for years before this came  out and it was great to reconnect and finally work with him creatively  after all this time.'

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    "Seven Days and One Week" is a song by Italian-French trance music act B.B.E.. It was released in July 1996 as the lead single from their debut album, Games. As a representative of the short-lived dream trance sound, the song became a top 10 hit worldwide, most notably reaching number three in Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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