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DJ Boring / Magma – Winona EP


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The E-Beamz label recently debuted with a fine 12″ of jungle-influenced haziness from Tim Shug and DJ Playstation. Here, they swiftly move on to EP number two, showcasing tracks from debutants DJ Boring and Magma. The former’s A-side cut, “Winona” – so called because it utilizes vocal samples from an interview with actress Winona Ryder – sounds like a long-lost early ’90s cut: an ultra-deep treat full of deep space chords, analogue deep house beats and psychedelic TB-303 abuse. Magma’s dustier flipside cut, “You”, explores similar old skool pastures, making use of both barnstorming techno drums and sweaty jungle breaks. Throw in ridiculously deep chords and riffs, and some eyes-closed vocal samples, and you have another late night winner..

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