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Barada – Music For High Maintenance Robots


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Physical Education is back with another signature offering. Four tracks, four peak-time cuts courtesy of ‘90s production veteran Bryan Zentz, under his seldom-seen pseudonym: Barada.

Originally released in 2001, futuristic house tones are top of the agenda. There’s a never-before-seen gem in here too, a track that Bryan made at the time but never put out. He found it amongst his collection of Digital Audio Tapes (DATs): now it sees the light of day for the very first time.

From the fast-paced swing of Roboporn to the acid-laced tones of Eye Contact, there’s plenty to get stuck into. Subdrama ratchets up the tempo further, as does The Crimson Boogie – Zentz’ previously forgotten treat.





12", Reissue, Vinyl


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