Unknown Artist - Untitled EP telum001
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Unknown Artist - Untitled EP telum001

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If you're after a dash of mystery minimalism, step this way. All we can  tell you is that Telum is a new, publicity-shy label dedicated to  letting "the music do the talking". No names (artists or tracks), just  two tasty workouts that have already seen support from Raresh, Rossko  and Ricardo Villalobos. The A-side is a surprisingly dreamy, deep space  affair, with becalmed, intergalactic pads and bubbly electronics gentky  rising above a subtly acid-flecked groove. Turn to the flipside for a  slightly warmer riff on the same basic blueprint, where yearning  synthesizer motifs cascade down over a tactile but chunky bassline,  woozy chords and snappy, machine style percussion. Both tracks feel like  the kind to soothe the frazzled minds and aching limbs of locked-in  early morning dancers.

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      Vinyl,  Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
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      Apr 3, 2018
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      Vinyl, 12"
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      Unknown Artist
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