Unknown Artist - Power XXIII
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Unknown Artist - Power XXIII

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Limited Edition Release Bring 2 Artists From 2 Crews ... There's very little information to go on regarding this Power XIII release, but let the music be your guide. There's a distinctly gothic 1980s flavour to the music - it pumps hard but it's more concerned with texture and atmosphere than modern techno dynamics. The sleaze of the synth coursing through the A side should be enough to get any dark room heaving, while the wound up rhythmic tension of the flip will dig its claws into supple grey matter and inspire a macabre kind of dancefloor transcendence - perfect for those who like a sinister edge to their night out. 

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    • Date
      Jan 3, 2020
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      Vinyl, 12", EP, Limited Edition
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      Unknown Artist
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