Ex-Terrestrial - Portal Vision
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Ex-Terrestrial - Portal Vision

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    Label: NAFF - naff001
Country: ca
    Format: Vinyl, 12"
    Released: 25-03-2018
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Adam Feingold's  music has changed at an arresting pace. He started out making  hard-edged techno under his own name, but once he turned to  Ex-Terrestrial the tunes became lighter and more expansive. The first  EP, released back in 2016, hinted at '90s electronica, a sound Feingold  has revisited since. Portal Vision, the first release on NAFF, a  new label started by Feingold and fellow Montrealer Francis Latreille,  refines the formula even further, mixing IDM atmospherics with the  groovy house sound that dominates Canada coast-to-coast.